A word for us, today…

We all have a place in our mind called the “comfort place.” This place is not wrong, but it is also not right. Our comfort place often causes us to remain there and it unfortunately causes us to stagnate. Whether it is to grow in the Lord or to face daily life challenges, staying in an attitude of being in the comfort place can restricted us from advancing and gaining new grounds for our life, whether it be spiritually, emotionally, physically and naturally.

Paul tells us in Rom 12:2b, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This does not occur on its own. It is choice we need to undertake. It is our responsibility. Life can be demanding, our personal hurdles can be overpowering, yet there is a truth that if we work at changing the attitudes in our mind, transformation regarding our life approaches will change. For as a person thinks, reason so he/she become the person.

Do not let your comfort place dictate you, but master it. Our comfort place do now and again need an overhauling. So when last did you give your comfort place a good MOT?