Many of us feel the need to be right or feel the need that our point of view matters more when being in a conversation. What if Jesus was to say, “whether you are right or wrong or whether your point of view is relevant or not” really does not matter? Would you object and debate your point, or would you let it be and move on? In the story of Isaac and Abimelech and the wells that had been reopened in Gen 26, Isaac chose to move and not debate his rightful point of view. Of course, you might say to me that, “well if Jesus is telling me to let it be, then I would.” However, is Jesus not speaking today also through His own people? Through believers? Yes He is. Would you still object and debate, because now whom are you speaking up against to have your point of view made know, or to ensure that what you believe is right must be heard? Being teachable and move, letting it be shows humility is action. My prayer for us all is, “Lord help us to be teachable, to be ever seeing you speaking. Help us Lord to be slow in speaking, not to be hasty in our heart to utter anything before You.”